UI/UX consulting company.
We provide design creation and system development.

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We provide design creation and system development.
rams consists of specialists in various fields such as planner,director, designer, engineer, etc.,
We realize an environment that can approach projects borderlessly, provide new ideas and high quality user experiences.


We are engineering more than million downloads of smart phone applications amd the next generation automotive GUIs.


Automotive GUI design
Development of prototype new generation automobile

We are developing GUI design and prototype software for vehicle development by major automobile manufacturers and suppliers. In design field, we support the mass production work from production and proposal of GUI design of center display such as full LCD meter and navigation. In system development field, we are developing Java, C #, Unity etc., and prototype software which linked with in-vehicle network such as CAN and hardware. Connected cars are drawing attention in recent years, but since we have over 10 years experience in this field, we will provide optimal deliverables from the leading prototype to the mass production phase, such as expert knowledge unique to cars and grasp of specifications.
UI / UX wire frame proposal Concept design proposal GUI design for prototype car production Design for show cars 3D modeling for GUI Mass production embedded design/animation Design regulation document production.
Development of middleware linking with CAN, LED, etc. GUI control software for prototype car(Java,C#,Unity,Animate,etc..) GUI control software for show car Cooperation with mass-produced hardware Prototype software Development of simulator for mass production car development.


UI design consulting
Application development and release support

rams has been designing the UI of the digital player since its foundation in 2003 and has been doing application creation work since 2008 when the iPhone was released in Japan. Applications involved have gotten the Top 1 App Store free total and top rankings.Also, we released applications as our own business, two of five titles exceeded one million downloads. Currently we support total clients' business, including UI / UX consulting, application development, release support, advertisements such as posters and leaflet graphic designs.


WEB creation and operation
CMS building & design

In recent years, the field of web production has diversified. Our speciality is UI design and CMS building that emphasizes usability. We are building and customizing sites using MovableType and Wordpress, and provide from unique CMS development to building servers. In addition, we have a lot of experience in the management of large-scale sites that are updated every day, as well as the design-oriented projects such as entertainment and advertisement projects. A comprehensive planning is essential for WEB. From planning and design to system development, we will make the best proposal with one stop.


We can respond to any orders
with diverse technical capabilities.
GUI consulting, 3D modeling (Maya), C# developing, UX Animation
Planning, Consulting, UI/UX design, Objective-C/Swift, Java,Unity, Illustration
Web design, Responsive HTML, Javascript, Flash ActionScript, PHP, Wordpress, MovableType, Build Web server/DB server, Developing CMS, Site operation, Graphic design


rams founded in 2003, in 2007 it was founded as a company mainly engaged in web site creation. Today, UI / UX is the center, providing solutions on a one-stop basis to planning, proposal and development. Regardless of the genre, major clients such as major content holders, major IT companies, major financial institutions, and the like are also very important as delivery destination clients, and it is also a strong point that the continuation rate of repeat rate is high. It is also characterized by working on various platforms from PC · SmartPhone · Flip Phone web site in general to the smartphone application. In the past few years, we have also worked on the interface design of automobiles, we are working on GUI design of dashboards, navigators and meters of major automobile manufacturers and developing middleware for controlling devices.
Company ramsdesign Co., Ltd.
Foundation 18th May, 2007
Stock 10,000,000 yen
CEO Takashi Nakamura
Address 3-5-6, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Nearest station Harajyuku staion, 8 minutes by walk
Contacts info@ramsdesign.co.jp